models of Make Money Online

Lesson 3: The basic models of Make Money Online

There are three basic models of making money online that are the most sustainable and efficient as following:

1. Sell products

This model is suitable for selling the products that you own.

There are some key steps in this model:Create a product that people are willing to spend money to buy it: It can be physical or digital products, such as eBooks, software, apps, online course, etc…

Create website to promote your productsIntegrate online payment tools to help our clients can pay immediately

Attractive traffic: provide useful information to increase conversion rate ratio.

Use automation marketing to get your passive income from selling your products.

2. Sell ads (PPC)

You can sell advertising for companies providing advertising services on the Web, such as Google, ...There are some key steps in this model:

  • Identify the topic that you will write about: remember to select the topic that you really love and passion, and it is useful for your targeted audience.
  • Create a website and regularly update, write the information related to the main topic, the market you choose.
  • Attractive traffic: The more hits every day, every month, the ability to advertise as much as they click and you will get more profits from selling ads.

3. Join Affiliate Program

If you have no your own product to sell, Affiliate Program will be a great option for you.You do not have to worry about creating products or delivery and payment.

All you need to do is choose the product and promote it carried goods and get commission rates from 30-70% or more. This is the most popular models of Make Money Online.

There are some key steps in this model:

  • Choose a product that you are interested to proceed with the promotion through affiliate networks such as Amazon, EBay, clickbank, ...
  • Create a website to promote products: Provide additional bonus packages when customers buy products from your promotional link
  • Write product reviews, bonus to build customer confidence and attract traffic to your website.
  • Use automation marketing to get your passive income from selling your products.

The above are the basic making money models that the leading MMOer most use. You can choose a model that suits you best or you can combine them by using more than one model.

If you are in the beginning on make money online way, I recommend that you should choose PPC model to start because it is the easiest way.

Go ahead now to make money online now!


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