choose niche site to start MMO

Lesson 4: Choose a niche site to start MMO

In the previous lesson, we talked about basic making money online models. Whichever model you choose, you must have a website to make money from it.

You should start with a niche site, which talks about one specific topic: yoga training, weight loss for women, business english...

The steps are as the following:

Step 1: Identify the topic and choose a keyword set

List out keyword ideas for niche sites that you thought. You can use Google Keyword Planner to have more keyword ideas.

You also can use some other tools, such as:

  • LongTail Pro (recommended)
  • Ahref (recommended)
  • Market SamuraiTraffic
  • Travis ProWordoid…

Step 2: Narrow down you ideas

    • Narrow down your ideas based on two basic criteria’s:
    • Topic that you love.
    • Many people interested in and search on internet

    Step 3: Name your website (domain name)

    Domain name is an important component of the website. It is the first thing that people think about your website.

    You need to choose a domain name that meet the following criteria:

    • As short as it can be, it should less than 15 characters
    • Easy to remember
    • Easy to spell
    • Prioritize using domain with .com
    • Also you should register surrounded the with other domains like .net, .info, .org ... to protect your brand
    • Should be meaningful and related to the website topic.
    • Avoid adding numbers and dash "-" into the domain

    Step 4: Register domain

    You should select the reputable domain name service provider, such as Goddady, to register your domain name.

    You can visit Goddady website, type your domain name and click search. If the domain name you need is available, you can press Select and proceed to buy it.

    Now you can to choose a suitable niche site to start making money.

    MMOAZ Team

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